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Success Story : Ari – Orbital Defense

Ari won 1st place with his game Orbital Defense in the GMC Bi-Weekly Jam.  He’s receiving a $200 reward.  Congrats!

A quick interview:

<ThatSnail> Do you have a comment to make or something regarding the jam, development, winning, etc?
<Ari> 😀
<Ari> Erm

The game can be downloaded here.


Jam #1 : Post-Mortem

Jam #1 has ended.

To be fully honest, I was worried to death as to how it’d turn out, but it was fantastic.  Really.  Everyone was working on something or another, think we had 3 or 4 Livestreams going on at the same time at one point, and met some really interesting people.  I know it probably sounds like I’m just saying that, but that’s the truth.

The full Jam can be viewed via the stream here.  I’m no Harry Kalas at narrating, so it’s not the best, but hopefully it’s clear what’s going on.  The stream starts off with a small segment from indieFunction(radio) and then gets up to speed with the Jam a bit later into the video.  Hopefully my narration doesn’t offend anyone, because it’s not supposed to.

Now, in no particular order:

Ari worked on (and actually finished) his game S0lar for the 1st GMC Bi-Weekly Jam.  It’s a simple strategy game, where you harvest energy from solar power by launching home-grown suns into outer space.  He had an active stream playing throughout the Jam.  Ended up also helping out CaptainLepidus with some CSS design.


Stars circling planets. Screw you, Galileo!

CaptainLepidus did a ton of web stuff, among them GameShare (a system for sharing games based on a Reddit-like reputation system) and Arcoria (a medieval online MMORPG game).  He also worked a bit on his Interactive Fiction game, text-adventure.  Also had a Livestream.

Goebbels worked on some art and some quotes on his monologer tumblr feed.  I mistakenly referred to it as graphics for “some game” throughout the stream but it’s actually a big cohesive form of pictures/(photos?) he made.  Had a Livestream going on before Internet troubles forced that out the window.  Edit: Nevermind it was a game!  A Swedish narrative (although English is available by editing language.txt).  I managed to butcher every word I tried pronouncing in the stream.

iamscissors asked the channel to decide between whales or “a piece of gum.”  When whales won an unanimous vote, this was born.  Swim and jump out of the water, and flap your fins to fly.  (I’m not kidding.  It is, indeed, a flying whale).  Collecting orbs increases your maximum speed.  He posted some art along the way.  I’m a little disappointed that this cyborg whale didn’t make it in the game, though.  Does a lot of stuff through his indieDB account, so you can find more of his stuff there.

Everything bright in this picture kills you.

Sir started and finished a magically seizure-inducing journey in his game Epilepsy!.  Screenshots don’t do it justice.  This is absolutely the number one way to kill your annoying epileptic neighbor.  Arrow keys to move.  Demo here.

Beave wrote a Geometry Wars clone in Java, with kickass distortion and all.  The source code is available via GitHub.

Drew composed a song in Anvil Studio, a mix of Asian instrumentation and modern percussion.

Camedo worked on an Android game (screenshots only) similar to Advance Wars.  He’s also the previous creator of an XNA-based roguelike, for the Xbox.

Thanks to everyone for a great jam!

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