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Jam #4 : Post-mortem

…and that concludes the 4th 4 Hour Jam!

First off, huge huge huge thanks to the best, CaptainLepidus for his part in making this happen again.  I take no credit. Same goes to my friends from #gmc who supported this and all the participants for joining!

Project Page

In no particular order:

Jakob worked on a texture pack for Minecraft, keeping the style while generally making things a bit more HD.  Stream .  He also hosted a server for the jam.  No image of the texture pack on-hand as I’m writing this up but you might be able to find updates on his blog.


CaptainLepidus built a Minecraft mod titled MineRP, essentially simulating an RPG.  The mod featured classes (a rogue and warrior for now; mage incoming), abilities (or rather, a framework for it), and fair amounts of spawn-killing and left-click-spam.  I enjoyed this.

Pirate-Rob created Perfect Sunshine Corps, where you’re a guy with what seems like a shotgun/laser combo gun, shooting enemies from these two tower things that spam relentlessly at you.  It’s manageable at first but after a minute or so is when it really gets fun; the screen fills with hundred of enemies that cover every inch of the ground.  When you jump, the bullets form a really neat arc.  Great to watch.

Queef! Hooray!

Cidwel created Gameboy Experience simulator, which is more or less my experience with the Nintendo franchise in general, sprinkled with vulgarity.  The game involves repeatedly smashing the gravity-defying game cartridge into the back of the Gameboy, occasionally flinging it off the screen and never seeing it again, occasionally pushing it in several inches too far.  But once you get it right, upon turning on the screen you are rewarded with one point, some applause, and a randomly-chosen ounce of <censored>, carefully emblazoned within the Nintendo logo itself.

Exar showed us his calculus home work through the stream, spun his pen for a few minutes, and then created 4 Hour Avoider, dodging shapes with the mouse in a gracious attempt to not finish his homework.  He claims that there’s an ending at 1,000,000 points.  I haven’t been able to beat it.  A challenge, perhaps?

Ari created the last and final Minecraft thing of the jam, a mod that I sadly know nothing about and am not sure how to install but it involves recipe books so it must be interesting.  ExpBooks.  May or may not require something called Forge, which I’m not too familiar with.  Sorry.  I’m a total Minecraft noob.

orange08 made a public service announcement game regarding the health effects of smoking.  Rather, if you smoke, an unknown fedora-donning creature of the night will stab you in the face.  The game features some clean pixel art, stealth-based puzzles, and some incredibly atmospheric screams.  Sounds amazing, really.  No demo yet but I’d check his blog for updates.

 ThatSnail drew this weird bird thing.

That’s all, folks!  Tune in in three weeks for the next jam!  Also, I apologize for the horrible layout of this post.  I try.  Really.


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