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Jam #5 : Post-mortem

Thanks everyone for participating!  Big userbase this time around and a lot of new faces and old and whatnot.

Now, in no particular order:

CaptainLepidus made “Beyond the Pick,” a Minecraft mod where you craft metals into other metals and do great things with the metals such as metallurgy.  To be honest I’m not very sure of what it is and you’d best check his blog for more info.  Stream.

Snail_Man had a philosophical contemplation about lighting engines and then made Burn where you’re in a very dark apartment.  Lighting fires allows you to see and make your way around, but the apartment is also constructed out of solid dynamite apparently because everything explodes.  It’s comically frantic.  There’s also an axe and a bucket to help you out but I’m not quite sure how to use either of them.

Goebbels translated Bientôt L’été into Swedish with Erik Svedäng (yes, the Blueberry Garden guy) and I’m going to have to assume it’s a very nice story and that it’s not a commentary about how awful of a person I am (I can’t read Swedish and therefore wouldn’t be any wiser).  Fairly nice to have a jam session involving linguistics because it makes us all look a little more cultured.

orange08 worked a little more on his previous Jam game, “The Sound of Murder,” in which you’re a guy in an ultra-fashionable trench suit stabbing smokers in ultra-fashionable 8-bit glory.  Features really cool sound and upcoming updates on his blog, hopefully.  Stream.

turboRamble worked on the uber-atmospheric Flashback, which I don’t know anything about other than that it looked really amazing and detailed in the stream.  More updates on his blog, maybe.  Stream.

Zekka composed 10 Blues Funk Greats in One, which has nothing to do with blues or funk.  It started out as house music before turning into temple-house music and then temple-house-in-a-blender, people and all.  Features his trademark unique instrumentation and general bad-assery. Stream.

jonpet95 created Fly Forever, a game similar to the Ye Olde and Trusty Chopper games. You’re an alien taking a leisurely stroll to the supermarket before an earthquake causes the roof and floor to explode and implode at the same time in uniform rectangular fashion.  The quick-thinking You hops into an intergalactic hovercraft and ride off into the sunset before 1) running out of gas, or 2) getting bored, and crashing into microcosmic oblivion.  Some of that may have been fabricated.  I’ll let you figure out which.  Stream.

Desttinghim attempted the impossible and made an online trading card game in 2 hours.  He was completely successful aside from having to make a few feature cuts, one of which included the entire game.  However, he did draw a card in HTML5, so props for that.

ThatSnail registered a webdomain and did his laundry and enjoyed a lot of dumplings.

Thanks again for making this a success and tune in in ~3 weeks for another jam, maybe.  You’re all super-cool and I shouldn’t even have to mention that.



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